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outubro 5, 2021


Oí pessoal! Hi everyone!

My sustainable products were delivered in this cute reusable bag. Elise delivers all her products personally by (electric) bicycle. As a welcoming gift I received the ‘sabão de coco’, which has multiple usages in the household.

My sustainable products were delivered in this cute reusable bag. Elise delivers all her products personally by (electric) bicycle. As a welcoming gift I received the ‘sabão de coco’, which has multiple usages in the household.

My name is Kim and I have recently moved from Belgium to São Paulo in Brazil. So far I am doing pretty great. Of course trying to adapt and build up a life here brings along some interesting challenges. Which is of course all part of the experience. 

When I started packing in July I decided not to bring to many products here, since I am staying for a longer period of time and since I my bag could only weigh like 23 kg, which is not that much for a woman you know… 😉

As a result I washed my hair with products that were available in the hotel and Airbnb during the first weeks. That caused my hair to get really dry and my normally curly hair started looking kind of dreadful. I am used to buying quality products for my hair as I believe that it is key for long hair and essential if you want to avoid going to the hairdresser too often (give us women some credit, female haircuts are expensive right?).

Besides that I am quite interested in sustainable products and I am convinced this is really the future. My first shampoo bars were already a fact in Belgium, but I must admit I was mostly testing them out. Because one of them wasn’t really foamy when I massaged the product through my hair, which is hard to get used to.

Of course I wasn’t yet familiar with shops to find good or sustainable products here in São Paulo. Until I met Elise, a natural beauty and a very down to earth person. It was a lovely encounter at Botanikafé (awesome place!) where we met some Belgian girls. We immediately clicked since it was very interesting to hear about each other’s adventures in São Paulo. 

But foremost I was very fascinated by Elise’s story, since she was the only one to have been here long enough to start up her own company… And it gets better; ‘Pecoh’, which is the company’s name, offers sustainable products or ‘produtos sustentáveis’ in Portuguese. 

After browsing through her website (which is absolutely amazing and radiates such a nice vibe) and finding out Pecoh has many types of products to offer – not only products for personal care, but also for household and laundry -, I got even more excited.

Me and my ‘straw hair’ obviously couldn’t wait to place our first order. Of course I slightly remembered the flaws of the former shampoo bars I had tested, but my hair was literally crying for help. I ordered the ‘shampoo nutritivo’ and the condicionador nutritivo’ since my hair could use as much nutrients as it could absorb. 

Already after the first treatment my hair was softer and easy to comb through, and guess what, my curls got their natural shape back. I have been washing my hair with both bars ever since and I am a real fan! They’re even foamy and smell delicious. 

And – good heavens – another big advantage; my previously often irritated and itchy scalp has been cured (seriously I had been testing out so many different and expensive product for this)! Cannot wait to test out more of PECOH’s sustainable products!! 

Obrigada, Elise

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